Curriculum Vitae ~ Michael Farrow


MEng Aerospace Engineering Graduate

University Projects


The majority of my University education was enjoyable, but the times when I felt I had the most to sink my teeth into were the larger projects.


Multi-Disciplinary Design Project (MDDP) - The GreenWing Concept

Please note: This was a group project undertaken with five other students. Therefore each photograph is referenced with those involved.

Note: This is a general summary of the project, and has been greatly simplified. For a copy of the full investigation, please download the pdf [Caution, this file is 7.63Mb, you may wish to right click, and save the file instead of opening it in your browser].

The Multi-Disciplinary Design Project presents a fully conceptual design assignment to a group of students from different schools of engineering. I was assigned to a team working on a project investigating the need for 'greener' aircraft. The goal was to explore current civil transport aviation and design a complete system overhaul, or 'vision' of future civil aviation.

The team was structured so that there were five design engineering roles, and one engineering manager role, for which I was selected. Managing the team was no mean feat, and I was required to use the full range of my team-working and project management skills in order to keep the team operational.

The scope of the project allowed us to investigate every aspect of aviation starting from airside ground handling vehicles, right up to air traffic routing techniques.

The GreenWing Concept Art - Constructed and Rendered in SolidWorks

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References: CAD Model Constructed and Rendered by Myself. Aircraft Design by Myself, Hassan Saleh, Sacha Patel, Stuart Baylis. Background Image by

The end result of the project, was our concept, the GreenWing. A 600 seater Geared Turbofan powered Blended Wing Body Airliner, which incorporated a number of innovations, including Magnetic Levitation Landing, Taxi & Take-Off, All Electric Service Vehicles and Modular Avionic Architecture.

The GreenWing Concept Poster

References: All CAD Models Constructed and Rendered by Myself. Initial poster concept by Hassan Saleh. Graphic Design by Myself, Sacha Patel and Stuart Baylis.


My work on this project was split between managing the team, producing all the CAD and researching and designing the innovative Magnetic Levitation Landing/Take-Off/Taxi System. The MagLev LTT system was a concept designed to completely replace all aircraft ground handling and assist in take off. It was also theoretically possible to use energy recovery braking with the same system.


This design involved a great deal of research into the Inductrak MagLev system and required that I study Halbach Arrays in detail, resulting in Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM) simulations.


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