Curriculum Vitae ~ Michael Farrow


MEng Aerospace Engineering Graduate

Practical Activities


My father was a skilled worker by trade, and as a young boy, I was presented with plenty of Lego, Knex and Mechano with which to exert my creative abilities. These days I need something bigger to satisfy myself.


I have an active interest in DIY and enjoy designing and building a variety of different 'projects.' Over the years my skills have grown and I now use a variety of different tools to produce my ideas.


Recycled Picnic Bench

During my industrial placement year at Pinzgauer Ltd, the picnic bench in the garden of my student house gave up the fight against gravity after many years. I was inspired to design a replacement.

The timing of this just happened to coincide with the arrival of some large vehicle components in wooden packing crates, and thus the question of materials was answered. With my envisaged specification, and material selection in hand, I used my lunch times to design my bench, based upon form, function and style, using SolidWorks 2007.

SolidWorks CAD Model of Bench


With the bench completely designed in CAD, measuring and cutting my materials was trivial, and the complete build took less than two afternoons.

Construction in Progress

The finished bench has been in use in the garden for two years, and has yet to show signs of deterioration. Not bad for a project which was entirely free with the exception of some wood screws and some varnish...

The finished article, before coating:

Picnic Bench after Assembly, Before Coating

And in use, during the summer:

Picnic Bench in use During the Summer




One of the silly group projects I am most proud to have been involved with was the BBQ built for our student house, again manufactured from recycled parts disposed of by Pinzgauer Ltd.

First Use of the BBQ, at the University MechSoc BBQ

The design was contemplated between myself, my housemates and two other students, but was mostly lead by the materials in hand. The main body of the BBQ was built from a large fuel tank, divided in two and hinged down the back. The frame was constructed from two sets of bull bars and an old table frame. Grills and charcoal racks were made from a damaged shopping trolley found in a local alley.

The end result was a truly unique and surprisingly effective BBQ.

BBQ Being Used to Full Capacity


Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Furthering my interest of all things computer based, I have for some time now been building my own computers. Starting from the motherboard and processor working upwards, selecting the graphics card, RAM and other components, so that I can tailor the computer to its intended main task.


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