Curriculum Vitae ~ Michael Farrow


MEng Aerospace Engineering Graduate

Creative Skills


When I'm not hurtling down a mountain, or building things in the garden, there are a number of more mediocre things I enjoy doing.


Home Video & DVD Creation

Ever since I first saw aging Cine-Film of my father's parachuting days, I have had an interest in home video, but only recently have I had a video camera of my own with which to make movies.

I tend to take my camera on every holiday, and on some larger group holidays, these videos have sufficient story to be turned into full length movies. Then, using Pinnacle Studio I shape the video clips into a reasonably professional looking (but very amateur!) film.

Myself, at the top of the mountain in Flaine 07


Poster & Graphic Design

Although I have never been properly trained, I have often been called upon to produce a poster or logo for a number of different projects. This includes the DVD cases and disks above, but the best example would be publicity materials for the University of Surrey Gliding Club (or UniSglide at the time).


Obviously, these skills merge well with the other vinyl cutting and home DVD creation activities, and compliment me in other aspects of my work.


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