Curriculum Vitae ~ Michael Farrow


MEng Aerospace Engineering Graduate



I consider myself to be a fairly active person, and enjoy a number of the more extreme sports. Here is a selection of my favourites:



Myself, at the top of the mountain in Flaine 07

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My favourite activity in the entire world, is that of strapping two planks of wood to my feet and allowing gravity to hurl me down a mountain. I have been fortunate enough to ski in many resorts over Europe, and I am a competent all mountain skier.

Airborne coming down an easy red



Possibly my second favourite pass time is the pursuit of flight. I originally started flying in the Air Training Corps. in Vigilant Class Self-Propelled Gliders, and Grob 115E Tutor Light Aircraft. I took a Gliding Scholarship with 624 VGS out of RMB Chivenor, and attained my silver wings for solo flight.

624 VGS ATC Gliding Scholarship 2003


After arriving at the University of Surrey, I joined the gliding club and began my training in unpowered sailplanes; gliders. Operating out of Lasham in Hampshire, I flew regularly over the weekends and now after three years, I am a qualified solo pilot.


High Aerotow in the evening over Hampshire - Photo By Jon Ross

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My next goal is to work on aerobatic flight, and I hope to one day become an instructor in normal and aerobatic gliding.


624 VGS ATC Gliding Scholarship 2003


However, the highlight of my airborne career came in 2002, when I was awarded the prestigious 'Best Cadet on Camp' award at RAF Valley and rewarded with a flight in a 208(R) squadron Hawk T Mk.1.


208(R) Squadron Manouvres over Anglesea - Wales

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I was kitted up with a full 'G-Suit,' life jacket, helmet and oxygen masks, and taken off for an hour and twenty minutes hard dog fighting (simulated!) over Anglesey, Wales. During the flight I was subjected to accelerations in excess of +5 and -3g, and yes, I've never has such fun before, or since!


Ju Jitsu

Also over my time at Surrey, I have been actively learning the ancient Japanese art of Ju Jitsu. Jitsu was originally developed by the Samurai as a form of unarmed combat to supplement their infamous sword skills (Kendo), and is the original ancestor of modern day Judo.

University of Surrey Ju Jitsu Club Training Session - Photo By Chris James

Jitsu involves a great number of different entities, but in a crude sense can be described as a method of unarmed self defence based on locking, throwing and grappling. I have been training Jitsu for five years now, and have attained my 5th Kui (Green Belt). This entitles me to be assaulted with a charming array of weapons, including wooden coshes, knives, swords and of course, fists & feet.

Attacked with a Training Sword (Bokken) - Photo By Chris James

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