Curriculum Vitae ~ Michael Farrow


MEng Aerospace Engineering Graduate - [Link]


During my industrial placement year, I was asked to order some simple cut vinyl stickers for a project. All the design work had been done so all the supplier had to do was run the .dxf export file across the CNC cutter and peel away the waste vinyl. I collected quotes from a number of companies, and was quite horrified by just how expensive they were, for what was in my mind a simple job (as I had previously done vinyl cutting at college.)


Due to this, I was inspired to research exactly what was involved in designing and manufacturing cut vinyl labels. After deciding that this was an interesting hobby, and would be worth pursuing, I invested in a 610mm CNC Vinyl Cutter and the appropriate software.


I am now competent in the manufacture of a number of different vinyl cut entities, including car/boat graphics, aircraft registrations, banners and even t-shirts and clothing labels. Here are a selection of the projects I have worked on for friends and family.


Aircraft Registration Numbers

K-13 Glider with cut vinyl registration


After the 28th September 2008, all British Sailplanes (Gliders) came under the governance of EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency. This meant many things, one of which was that they now had to acquire and display a standard British Aircraft registration.


After a number of companies charged high prices for poor quality registrations, I was approached and asked to manufacture a number of registrations for some of my fellow glider pilots. Before long I was asked to do a number of other projects including glider graphics, stencil vinyls for paint applications, and other light aircraft graphics, such as this aircraft, belonging to the British Disabled Flying Association.


BDFA Light Aircraft with Graphics


Other Projects

In addition to the above, I have also been involved in a number of other projects. These include uPVC foamboard signs, catamaran graphics, banners, specialist furniture labels and of course, bumper stickers for student cars...


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