Curriculum Vitae ~ Michael Farrow


MEng Aerospace Engineering Graduate

Formula Student


An International Racing Competition

The Formula Student Competition is an International Competition where universities worldwide compete to design and race a single seater racing car. It is hosted in the UK by the IMechE, and is the largest European educational racing event. The competition takes place at Sliverstone once a year, but for the teams, design and construction never ceases.

Surrey at Silverstone

In 2008, the University of Surrey entered a partially functional car into the Class 2 design competition. For the first time in 2009, Surrey attempted to put a Class 1 fully funtional racing car into the dynamic part of the event. As part of their academic course, a team of students worked on the car throughout the year and designed it completely from scratch. Although I was working on other projects during this period, after the academic terms ended, there was still much work to be done before the car was raceable.

As a result, I was drafted in for the remaining month after termtime, and before the July competition. During this period I was tasked with a number of small roles, such as design and construction of mounting brackets, placement of heat insulation, cutting of carbon fibre sandwich panels, and active support of testing. However, the main two roles I was involved with was the redesign of the fuel system, and the sponsorship logos layout and vinyl cutting.

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