Curriculum Vitae ~ Michael Farrow


MEng Aerospace Engineering Graduate

Real Engineering Examples


Air Conditioning Ducting System

Designing a system of ducting to route vitally important cool air around an ambulance vehicle is no easy task, particularly when it needs to be cheap, easy to assemble and has to operate in the desert.


I was assigned the job of modifying the existing flexible corrugated ducting system and enhancing the existing pumping capabilities to increase air flow rate. One of my first decisions was to replace the corrugated flexible piping for a smooth rigid system. A number of existing, expensive rigid solutions were available, but proposals were rejected due to the cost.


Eventually, I was able to provide a suitable and cost effective solution by the use of household uPVC drainpipe and air ducting, such as available from any hardware store. Although this solution was met with some disbelief and scepticism, it eventually proved to be a good answer to the problem.


Rear view of detached step

In order to supplement the pumping capabilities of the existing system, each branch of the system was fitted with an in-line blower fan. Although this may seem to be an easy addition, each blower had to be encased in a faraday cage, in order to meet strict MOD electromagnetic interference standards.

Rear view of detached step

The completed system allows air flow to the face of the driver, commander and two passengers.

Rear view of detached step

An additional high volume supply of cool air is provided, distributed along the length of a stretcher patient.

Rear view of detached step

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