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MEng Aerospace Engineering Graduate

My Employment History


Full/Part Time Employment


Company Marshall Specialist Vehicles - [Link]
Dates of Work Job Title
11/09 - Current Mechanical Design Engineer

In my current employment at MSV, I am involved in design and development of military deployable systems and ambulance stretcher loading/handling systems. I am responsible for everything from conceptualising initial designs right through to implementation and testing of new systems.


My work is heavily computer based, using CAD conceptualisation and detailed design with embedded Stress Analysis and Dynamic Simulation tools to digitally prototype my work. When required, I lead teams of designers developing complex solutions under tight timescales. I have also been required to interface directly with customers and support trials at home and abroad. I am experienced at communicating with technical and non-technical staff in a multi-disciplinary team environment.


Current responsibilities also include, drafting engineering drawings, producing bills of materials, equipment breakdown structures and drawing packs, writing detailed technical reports and conducting tests. Distributing packets of work to design teams and managing return workflows.


More on this soon...


Company Farnborough International Airshow - [Link] 'The Blades' perform at Farnborough 08
Dates of Work Job Title
07/08 & 07/06 Flying Control Committee Coordinator

For one week in July, every two years, the skies over Farnborough are filled with a collection of the world's greatest aircraft, past and present. The work to organise this, the largest airshow in the UK begins years earlier.


For the last two shows now I have provided direct support to the Flying Control Committee, in my role as the FCC Coordinator. The FCC are a group of approximately 10 current and retired test pilots from all fields of aviation, who organise and oversee the entire airborne portion of the airshow.


My role as the FCC Coordinator comprises administrative work (ensuring all displays have the correct paperwork), IT support (setting up projectors/sound systems), software (Creating/modifying PowerPoint presentations/graphics/word processing) and any other task which the FCC may require of me. The FCC are under a lot of stress, and as a result my job comes with a great deal of responsibility. That said however, it's definitely the most enjoyable job I've ever had, and it's a shame I only get to do it for one month every two years!


Company Pinzgauer Ltd (Now part of BAE Systems) - [Link] Pinzgauer Vector During Full Military Trials
Dates of Work Job Title
08/06-12/07 Student Design Engineer

To view some examples of my work at Pinzgauer Ltd, please see "Work Examples"


As part of my five year MEng Sandwich course, it was necessary to partake in a one year industrial placement and I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to work for Pinzgauer Ltd in Guildford as part of the engineering design team.


After a brief period of training I was assigned to work on the MoD's Vector PPV [Protected Patrol Vehicle], the armoured variant of the vastly successful Pinzgauer 6x6 All Terrain Troop Transport and Light Utility Vehicle. When I arrived at Pinzgauer, Vector was in it's initial prototype build phase and there was still a great deal of design and development to be done before full production could begin.


The majority of my work was part/assembly component production working with SolidWorks, CosmosWorks and PDMWorks 2006/07. I was given a great deal of responsibility and ended up producing a number of successful internal and external components which were included in the final vehicle fit. These included the Air Conditioning Ducting System, SA-80 Rifle Mounting system and the External Access Step.


I worked in close co-operation with a number of fabricators and suppliers, and learned a great deal about manufacturing processes and procedures. This knowledge was invaluable as a large number of my projects involved sheet metal forming, and I was able to produce .dxf filed directly from my unfolded CAD, which could be cut directly on the water/laser cutter.


In addition to my initial design responsibilities, I was also expected to use the RMTrack system to manage and solve production issues, as well as producing work instructions for the fitting of my components, and of course, making the tea..


Once Vector was in full production I was reassigned to work on one of it's derivatives, the Vector Ambulance, which involved an almost complete refit of the troop/cargo area of the vehicle. Changes were made to virtually all the rear internal components I had previously designed, and I was called upon to make a number of space saving and fluid management (i.e. blood) modifications. I learned a lot about the conditions imposed upon military personnel and medics and the special considerations which are required on the part of the design engineer.


I enjoyed my time at Pinzgauer that I continued my work part time, while continuing my degree, until Pinzgauer's parent company, Armor Holdings was purchased by BAE Systems, and Pinzgauer production discontinued.


Company G & S Smirthwaite Ltd - [Link] S/S Wall Mounted Rising Changing Bench
Dates of Work Job Title
Various CAD Technician/Assembly Worker

For the four years previous to my university course, I was employed (on a part time summer work basis) by G & S Smirthwaite Ltd in Newton Abbot, Devon. Geoff Smirthwaite was originally a secondary school woodwork teacher, when he was approached to build a strong chair for a disabled student. Many years later, G & S Smirthwaite is one of the top international manufacturers of specialist furniture for disabled people.


Originally I was employed as a CAD technician working with AutoCAD release 13, 14 and eventually 2004, converting paper drawings into electronic format. This gave me an excellent grounding in technical drawing and a good understanding of technical presentation and dimensioning conventions. Eventually, due to upgrade, this work was done using Autodesk Inventor, which gave me my first grounding in 3D CAD.


When the flow of work demanded I was also able to function as a machine and assembly worker, either fabricating wooden components or assembling specialist pre-fabricated mobile benches. One of the most valuable things I took away from G&S Smirthwaite was a good understanding of manufacturing processes and assembly techniques. It is essential that the engineer understands these processes, and experiencing them at an early age has served me well in later years.


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