Curriculum Vitae ~ Michael Farrow


MEng Aerospace Engineering Graduate



Should you wish to access any of my documentation to read in more detail, please download it here.


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Standard Curriculum Vitae

michael_farrow_cv.pdf ~ 47kB

Please note: this is the web version of my CV, and as a result has had all contact details and addresses removed. If you have require the full version of my CV, please contact me.



Multi Disciplinary Design Project Group Report

As discribed on the MDDP Project Page

mddp_report_final.pdf ~ 7.2MB



Multi Disciplinary Design Project Hi-Res Poster

A better quality pdf of the poster displayed on the MDDP Project Page

mddp_poster.pdf ~ 1.7Mb



Personal Research Project Report

As discribed on the Personal Research Project Page.

prp_report_final.pdf ~ 7MB



Personal Research Project PowerPoint Presentation

Brief presentation discribing the process of my Personal Research Project. Contains some animation, so requires Microsoft Powerpoint to run correctly.

prp_presentation.ppt ~ Caution 15.2Mb



Computational Fluid Dynamics Courswork Assignment

Final Year CFD module coursework assignment. A comparison between computational and wind tunnel data for an Onera M6 Aerofoil.

cfd_coursework.pdf ~ 5.4Mb


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